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Star kiin accessories

Handmade and refined watchbands

Each watch is customised and beautified by different accessories, which make it unique. STAR KIIN watchbands are the results of a technical research, which made possible to build products with high quality materials. The employ of leathers, classic or exotic ones, and of carbon fibre gives stability to the wrist and warrants comfort all day long.

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Quality of watchbands

The wide range of STAR KIIN watchbands is created to beautify every watch, and it allows to mix different combinations according to your taste. You can feel the distinguishing features of STAR KIIN watchbands with three senses: touch, sight and sense of smell. Their uniqueness is the result of a traditional and natural tanning, slow, unstrained and simply done with natural products (vegetal and animal) and the flowing time.


Each watchband is handcrafted and hand finished in every seam: the choice of the saddler stitch is proof of quality and technical experience, and it gives added value to every model.

Watchbands are realised with early 9th century techniques invented in Tuscany. They exalt the special smell of leathers, caused by the maceration of vegetal tannin, and its softness, related to the employ of an animal and vegetal fat blend without chemical additives.

STAR KIIN cares about every work process also from the environmental point of view: the absence of chemical agents protects not only the environment, but also all the people who produce and wear our products.