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Handicraft and design
Stylish Watches

of our times

An idea of perfection and style

STAR KIIN is experience, survey and passion for High Watchmaking. Enzo Bottino created a unique watch, designed and developed between Chianti’s hills and inspired by the Florentine tradition, well known all over the world. He gave life to a collection of elegant handicraft watches. The reborn of the Italian watch of big dimensions and fine handicraft is exalted by the materials and the design of STAR KIIN watches. 

Design & Quality

Model TT22
Versatile and personal

Research and choice of materials makes STAR KIIN TT22 watches masterpieces of craftsmanship with a deep attention to ergonomic. The wearability of TT22 is unequalled and warranted by experience and passion for collecting.

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Idroblock System
Italian patent

In addition to waterproof, IDRABLOCK SYSTEM patent allows the technicians working on TT22 to completely divide bezel, case and back cover manipulating just 4 screws. 

Precision and passion
even in the sport

Precision and passion
even in the sport


Many accessories enhance TT22 and make it unique. The finishes shaping the sobriety of the buckles, the use of natural products for the leather watchbands and the elegance of the exotic hides are the outcome of our researches and our unique design.