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Star kiin tribute to Rafael Márquez

 We are proud to announce our new creation, designed to celebrate a great sportsman: Rafael Márquez.

STAR KIIN designed some special tributes dedicated to classy and stylish celebrities, collectors of successes and records, men who distinguish themselves by passion and determination.

They are associated by their talent, but also by the desire to take up challenges and defy their limits.

Men of value accompanied in their goals by our brand.

We couldn’t exclude among those men a great name of soccer, one of the four players in the world  who can be proud about the convocation in five FIFA World Cups.

A sportsman called five times to represent his national team, Mexico, in the greatest and most exciting challenge for a soccer player.

Rafael, Rafa for the supporters, has conquered coveted international successes and is considered the best defender of the history of Mexico one of the most successful players of all time, with his jersey number 4 "The Captain" still contributes to realize the dream of the Mexican national team, who showed all his talents in the World Cup football in Russia.

The team surprised everyone making his debut with a victory against the reigning champions of Germany, and keeping ahead of other important national teams.

We decided to celebrate the talent and the records of the champion with the STAR KIIN style. It is a great occasion to launch a new single piece.

A unique model, total black, with steel AISI 316L PLUS case and back cover with laser engrave “RM4” dedicated to Rafael Márquez. An extraordinary piece of great personality and elegance. A tribute created expressly for him, as recognition of his talent and his success. 

Follow us if you want to discover more about the new tributes we are projecting to celebrate other record sportsmen like Rafael. Pieces of history and jewels of watchmaking. 

STAR KIIN & Rafael Márquez: a record-breaking style.