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Our brand new partnership: STAR KIIN & ISAIA

We are proud to announce the fulfillment of a new, exciting project: the awaited partnership between our brand, STAR KIIN Firenze, and ISAIA Napoli. Together with this new experience, we are preparing a great surprise for you.

As our followers already know, STAR KIIN combines the best Haute Orologerie design with the finest elements to create unique models, distinguished for style and finishes. Passion for quality, care for details and craftsmanship are the distinctiveness of our brand, together with the unique STAR KIIN style.  

On the basis of these principles we decided to launch a new partnership with ISAIA Napoli, one of the best Made in Italy high-end menswear firms, famous all over the world. ISAIA Napoli, founded in Naples in 1920, is a brand which, thanks to the high quality of its clothes, can combine tradition and innovation, creating a style beyond definitions and stereotypes always searching for something new.

Craftsmanship, personality and the quality of our brands, both of which are representative of high class Made in Italy style, led us to this collaboration.   


What is the result of our partnership?

A new limited edition watch, which will combine the best features of our brands. A unique model, thought for high-class and elegant men. The perfect synthesis of our concept of style, a masterpiece of STAR KIIN Haute Orologerie, enhanced by ISAIA Napoli details.

For this occasion we realized a limited edition in a few specimens. You will be captured by the charm of our new creation.

If you want to discover more about this exclusive model, which you will soon find in a preview in the Milan, Rome and Capri boutiques of ISAIA, follow us and stay in touch.  

We are waiting for you, ready to surprise you once again.

STAR KIIN & ISAIA: a unique partnership to celebrate the excellence of the real Made in Italy.