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Models for every style 


The structure of STAR KIIN TT22 arises from one block and it is composed by three pieces: bezel, case and back cover. It creates a unique style, characterised by absolute elegance, together with strength and casualness. 

Back cover screws

STAR KIIN uses only Titanium screws to improve both resistance and tightening of the back covers with IDRABLOCK SYSTEM of TT22 model.

Limited edition

The limited series of TT22 comes out from our strict quality controls, both in the functioning and in the duration, therefore we produce reduced quantity series, with a few hundred pieces per model.


A slow tanning without forcing, simply done with natural products (vegetal and animal) and the flowing time.  

Golden quality control 

Golden STAR KIIN watches have undergone to an additional quality control at the Swiss PMC (Precious Metals Centre), which stamp the back cover of TT22 with its signature (Saint Bernard dog and brand). 

Packaging and warranty

STAR KIIN watches are inserted in an exclusive box made with fine lacquered ash wood completely handmade by artisans. The warranty is printed on papyrus paper and the case is made of lather.

Revolutionary elegance

STAR KIIN chronographs enhances style and features of the Italian watch: big dimension and handmade finished according to Florentine tradition. Our collections are thought to meet different tastes and shapes, to accent every nature: form the casual and aggressive to the most elegant ones, with their fine design.
Research and choice of materials makes STAR KIIN TT22 watches masterpieces of craftsmanship with a deep attention to ergonomic. 



Star kiin collections

The versatility of TT22

The wearability of TT22 is unequalled and warranted by experience and passion for collecting.

Stainless Steel




Pink Gold

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