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Style and innovation

Star kiin watches

Design and quality

Each watch model made by STAR KIIN stands out for its style. The research of a modern and contemporary design and the use of high quality materials are wisely combined with the artisan work, which gives character and personality to every watch. The design with its shapes creates models of no time, suitable for every kind of look and style: some finishes make the watches casual and aggressive and some others make them more sophisticated and elegant.
The quality of every single detail turns STAR KIIN watches into wearable design objects.  

Passion for the depth

Idroblock System

Innovation and research allowed STAR KIIN to patent a unique closure system called IDROBLOCK SYSTEM. It is a system that allows the watch to guarantee a hermetic structure until 20 atmospheres; the same system is used in the submarines to ensure the watertight.
Thanks to the special bayonet closure, to the three tightening screws and to the locking screw, the watch ensures an absolute watertight.



Star kiin


STAR KIIN creates all its watches with first quality materials: the best finishes are selected depending on models and styles. We employ AISI 316L PLUS steel in its different carvings, PINK GOLD 5N 18K cases for the finest models, technical materials and designs for the casual ones. Titanium screws are employed to improve resistance and tightening of all the back covers. Care for the details and search for sophisticated materials make models TT22 jewels in watchmaking.

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